Chris Heenan, analog synthesizer
Michael Vorfeld, lightbulbs
FUNKLOCH is a concert installation for light bulbs, radios and analogue electronics lasting several hours, created and performed by the electronic duo Wiederstand (Michael Vorfeld and Chris Heenan) and with invited guest musicians, performed over two days. The expansive audiovisual installation consists of a large number of light bulbs (of different shape, colour, size, lumen and wattage) and numerous radio devices (from small transistor devices to large radio devices from the 1950s and 1960s). The use of different electronic switching elements leads to diverse variations within the light of the incandescent lamps and thus within the electric current flow. This is converted into audio signals using various microphones and pickups and can be heard acoustically. In addition, the constantly changing light events are registered by means of light sensors, which also has a direct effect on the sound design. A "feedback situation" is created in which the light influences and shapes the sound and, conversely, the sound influences the light. The audience can move freely in the installation and during the performance and can therefore always choose new positions of perception within the installation.