I just posted two of my other projects: Nordzucker and CLEC.

There are some updates to concerts, including some past concerts; check out LIVE.

My Instagram page is up and running:  ︎


Welcome to the new website!  It’s been years (decades?) overdue!

There are a few concerts coming up, for more info please check LIVE.

I just completed two performances of Ouroboros with Michael Vorfeld and Adam Pultz Melbye. Click HERE for a PDF of the review by Robert Miessner.

Trigger is making plans this year, we have a couple of concerts coming in spring.

Flamingo has a mini-tour of Austria and Germany planned for May.

In 2022 I have begun working in a new trio, Silberholz, with Edith Steyer and Adam Goodwin.  More on that coming...

Fall 2021 I was working both with Flamingo and with Michael Vorfeld on our new music and lots of duos with the members of Splitter Orchester.

There is still much to update here, particularly regarding my projects and releases, so please check back soon for updates.

Photo: world in a room
Robert Miessner wrote a great review last week of OUROBOROS at Tanzhalle Wiesenburg for TAZ Berlin!

Click HERE for a PDF of the article with photos.


Great concert at Sowieso, Berlin on February, 19 with:
Chris Heenan, reeds
Axel Dörner, trumpet
Werner Dafeldecker, contrabass
Sven-Åke Johansson, drumset

The group is actually featured on Sven’s Blended Box box set, taken from a live recording at none other than Sowieso!

We are looking forward to working more in the nearer future...